• Never Wake Up Cold Again!

    Get your best sleep ever when you warm up your bed to the perfect temperature with the Navien Mate.

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  • Conquer The Cold Gracefully

    Navien Mate水暖床墊是您冬天抗寒的最佳夥伴。有了Navien Mate,您一年四季都能感受溫暖舒適。

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  • Share Your Bed Harmoniously


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Welcome to the nice, warm bed of your dreams

The Navien Mate Systems

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How Does Our Bed Warming Technology Work?

Watch the 60 second video below to learn about our cutting edge technology.

Improve Your Quality of Sleep

暖氣系統會使空氣乾燥,且易傳播病毒與細菌。電熱毯不但會產生電磁波、 覆蓋區域不均勻,且容易產生灼傷與走火危險。不產生電磁波的Comfort-Mate水暖床墊是實現您完美健康睡眠環境的優雅選擇。

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A Complete Suite of Safety Systems

Our advanced, bed warming mattress topper includes a complete suite of safety systems. That means you won’t have any of the worries associated with electric blankets, pads, and heaters.


Navien EQM 350

Navien Mate水暖床墊 EQM301


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Our Customers Say It Best

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2-Year Limited Product Warranty

All Navien Mate’s products are covered by a 2-year limited product warranty.

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